Dog Training to Deal with an Overprotective or Possessive Dog

Dogs can be possessive in many ways. Darwin K9’s dog training programs address each kind of possessive behavior. Some dogs exhibit dominance, fear, overprotective or possession aggression. Many times dog owners confuse protectiveness and aggression. These dog owners feel a certain pride in knowing that their dog is protecting them. However, the behavior is actually unacceptable.

Signs of Aggression in Dogs

  • Growling
  • Snapping, biting and snarling
  • Eye aversion
  • Ears tucked back

Overprotective Dogs and Risk of Dog Bites

Since some owners are happy a dog is “protecting” their family and home, they may not discourage the dog’s aggressive behavior. This is actually a way of encouraging a dog to bite. Dog owners must take control and not allow their dog to decide what behavior is appropriate. Owners who combine leadership and encouragement of good behavior reduce the risk of a dog bite attack.

North Carolina Dog Trainers

An aggressive dog is an accident waiting to happen. Although canine aggression is incurable, it is treatable. Dog trainers in North Carolina with Darwin K9 work with dog owners to manage their pet’s possessive behavior. Without a dog training program, aggressive behavior will grow as time passes. This puts dog owners, their loved ones and anyone who comes in contact with their dog in a risky situation.

How to Train your Dog

Every time a dog growls and the behavior is not corrected, they start to feel powerful and will continue behaving this way. Clicker training for dogs is popular; however our dog trainers will assess your dog and recommend the best training method for him or her. Working with Darwin K9, dog owners in Raleigh-Durham and Wake Forest, to Greensboro and Winston-Salem, and out to Greenville and Goldsboro learn proven methods for reinforcing dog obedience. Owners will learn what situations trigger their dog’s anxiety, diets that reduce aggression, what medications affect behavior and unique dog training methods. Our dog training programs help owners manage their dog’s aggressive behavior. There is not just one way to train a pet, Darwin K9 has a custom behavioral training solution for every dog.

If you are overwhelmed with your dog’s persistent unwanted behavior, perhaps it’s time to call on a professional dog trainer. You’ll find a number of Darwin K9 locations across North Carolina to choose from. Check out our locations and give one a call today before the worst happens.