Raleigh Dog Training Explains Off Leash Dog Parks And Benefits

Now that it’s becoming the nice weather season, there’s no excuse not to get your dog outside for some exercise and fun! One great place for this is a dog park. The Raleigh area specifically has a few great dog parks.

So what exactly is dog park and what are the benefits? Raleigh dog training company Darwin K9 lets you know it all!

Dog Training Raleigh Park

What is an Off the Leash Dog Park?

Off leash dog parks are areas of local parks where one can take their dog(s) to exercise and play off the leash while in a controlled environment under the supervision of their owners.
A lot of dog parks have varying features that are geared specifically for a dog-friendly experience, but most all of them are equipped with dog disposal bags/stations, water for hydration, separate enclosures for small dogs, shade, and benches for humans.

The Benefits of an Off Leash Dog Park

Off-leash dog parks provide an open community setting where people can socialize and observe their dogs at play! They allow owners and their dogs to spend time together while also offering dogs a space for exercise, play and companionship with others. Leashes can cause some dogs to become territorial in behavior. Free roam without a leash on tends to be beneficial.

Proper Dog Obedience at an Off Leash Dog Park

Allowing dogs off leash in a dog park is an excellent way to socialize dogs, but they must be supervised at all times. Like humans, not all dogs can be friends. Owners must be aware of their dog at all time. Since the parks are local, anyone can go, and at times people aren’t apt to remain in compliance with Raleigh dog park rules or city ordinances. You have to be careful about sickness, dogs who may not be fixed, and ones without proper dog training. It’s important for owners to take the time to learn about their dog’s training and acclimate them at the dog park.

Need Professional Dog Training in Raleigh?

If you would like to get your dog out to the local Raleigh dog parks to play, but are concerned with their obedience or worried they are not properly trained, come see the dog training professionals at Darwin K9!

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