alexia NeroAfter spending the majority of her childhood in Spain, Alexia and her family then moved to the Washington D.C. area where her family began her dog loving journey with their newest family member, Coffee Pot, an Airedale Terrier with tremendous fence jumping and sled pulling ability according to the stories told by her family. While attending UNC Wilmington, Alexia adopted Diablo, a small “muttweiler” with a huge personality, as Alexia puts it. Not too long after having Diablo, she met a real special little lady named Marley, a young pup that had spent her entire life in the wild and had the fear aggression to prove it. Even though Marley had her teeth bared and was trying to bite Alexia for weeks, Alexia knew it was meant to be.

Alexia’s Dog Training Certification Experience

Through the experience of bringing Marley out of her shell, Alexia decided she wanted to help the other Marleys out there-the dogs that nobody wanted but deserved a chance at a good life. Soon after Alexia began the Trainer School at Tarheel Canine where she became certified in Pet Dog Obedience and Police K9 training, instructing, and handling. Shortly after graduation Alexia and Andy teamed up and formed Darwin K9 and have been Evolutionizing dogs ever since!

Alexia is an AKC certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.  As an evaluator she we will help dogs become well mannered citizens in their community.

Alexia’s Dog Family in Fayetteville

nero marleyCurrently Alexia has 3 dogs in her life. Nero, a German Shepherd trained in Cadaver detection and protection with a minor in attempted cuddling. Nina (a Belgian Malinois with enough energy to power a small village) is currently training in Cadaver detection and Protection along with perfecting her butt-sniffs. Marley, the most beautiful girl in the world according to Alexia, is trained in the art of cuddling and fallen cheese search and consume. And we can’t forget the cats! Ollie, who is the cat perfect for a dog owner, gives high fives, is too cool for a food bowl, and believes he is a dog. Last but not least, Pina, the newest addition to the family, is an ace at detecting the warmest spots in the house, and occupying them…even if they are the computer Alexia is typing on at the time!

Dog Training in and Around Raleigh & Fayetteville

Alexia is happy to provide dog training services to all areas of the Triangle, including: Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Sanford and Fayetteville, and areas of Eastern NC, including: Wake Forest, Rolesville, Rocky Mount, Greenville, Goldsboro, and any surrounding areas.

Contact Alexia today to schedule your Raleigh dog training session!